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How it works

How it works

Have you felt frustrated trying to use the law of attraction?

Hearing about these principles that are supposed to help you get anything you want is exciting.  Then you try it, and your results are less than you expected. 

Has this been your experience?  It was mine when I first learned about the law of attraction.  I didn’t know what the heck was going on.  Here I thought I was going to be able to get whatever result I wanted, only to find there was still something missing. 

I felt frustrated.  I set it aside for a while thinking it just doesn’t work, or at least doesn’t work the way I had been told it would.

For me it’s always been the case that I want to know why things work.  I want to understand the principles.  I’ve always felt that doing this I’d be prepared to meet any challenge, any situation I might face.  After all, we never know what’s going to be happening next, and I for one, wanted to be sure I’d be able to keep moving in the direction of my goals, knowing that circumstances weren’t going to stop me. 

It took a long time before I really understood how to use these principles to achieve my desires consistently.  When I started I thought my lack of success, the lack of consistency I experience was because I either didn’t understand something, or the law just doesn’t work the way I was told. 

Sometimes it’s the simple things we miss, the simple ideas that make the biggest difference.  I had seen the law of attraction and abundance spoken of so many times and never really took the next step in my understanding.  I’d even had success in the past using the law without realizing all I what I was doing. 

Now what I was doing seems clearer to me, and I’m finally able to speak about what how this is working, the simple wins that illustrate the way this works. 

I can’t count how many times I went forth in my day proclaiming my intention to think positive thoughts, be grateful, and generate a felt sense of connection with the outcome I desired.  Terrific strategies to be sure, but ultimately I found they weren’t enough.  Deciding that failure wouldn’t stop me was also helpful, but again it wasn’t, by itself enough to get consistent results. 

“We cannot manifest what we want, we can only manifest what we already are” says Eckhard Tolle, the spiritual teacher and author.  This simple statement opened my eyes to a new way of seeing what I’d been doing, how I understood the law of attraction. 

As I said before, it’s something the simplest things that make the biggest difference.

At the level of our being, the limitless self within, there is no time and no lack.  All things exist as pure potential.  That which I want, the success I desire, I must see as already existing, because at the level of my being it already does.  The things I interpret as mistakes, failures, short comings, are nothing of the sort.  My own mind interprets them as such because my mental apparatus, my ego, needs them to continue existing.

It almost seems like I’m saying we don’t need the ego, or at least we don’t need to have a strong ego, doesn’t it? 

In one sense I would have to say, yes.  But we have one nonetheless, so we have to learn to live with it, or better yet, work with it. 

Consider this…, you already are the things and situations you want.  There is nothing separating you from your desire other than your mind’s insistence that it hasn’t happened yet.  Imagine what you desire and realize that it already is, it already exists.  From there, all you need do is allow yourself to follow your inspiration to take action.  This becomes easier when the chatter of your mind isn’t clouding your vision, and cutting you off from the source of your inspiration. 

In this way, learning about the mental mechanisms that so frequently separates us from what we desire can be very useful, although ultimately not necessary.  If that seems a bit confusing, don’t worry.  It gets easier as you go along.  I’ll tell you how in my next post.



The Ego’s Demand for “How”

Achieving success and manifesting abundance in your life can sometimes seem like a difficult task to accomplish.  Please not that I’m saying, “seems” like a difficult task.  As many who have achieves success will tell you, manifesting a million dollars is as easy as manifesting ten thousand.  At first glance the reactions that typically make it difficult for those who don’t have a million dollars to achieve such a goal are readily apparent and usually occur as one question, “How?”  This question stops many would be millionaires from taking the steps necessary to attain the abundance they desire.  Faith and trust become the commodities that are in need, quelling the ego’s inevitable question of “how?” 

Throughout your life the ego functions to answer the question, “Who or What am I?”  This question differentiates who we believe ourselves to be from everything and everyone else.  The activity is consistent with its nature, yet it is also what makes it difficult to quite the mental chatter long enough to hear the sometimes subtle voices of inspiration that would direct us to the kinds of activities that can support our efforts to be successful, to attract the kind of abundance we desire. 

Having made the decision to change the circumstances of your life by increasing your income, or the status of your financial resources, you only need to quiet your mind and listen for the guidance that is waiting for an opportunity to come forth.  If you think about it, moments of creativity and insight usually occur when we’ve relaxed and focused our attention on something other than the challenge we’re seeking to meet.  Practicing relaxation on a regular basis can be beneficial to creating the kind mental space that will allow for your higher self to communicate with your ego, giving it the answers it’s been seeking…, how. 

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Expanding Your Consciousness

Theories about how you can expand your consciousness, break free of limiting beliefs and experience greater abundance and wealth abound. Recently I’ve seen articles that recommend an expansion of your beliefs in an effort to increase your “comfort zone.” The idea of expanding my comfort zone in order to experience greater wealth certainly appeals to me as I’m sure it appeals to many. However, there seems to be something missing. I’ve felt compelled to ask questions that get at the underside of issues, exposing the threads of the tapestry if you will, for most of my life. In this case my desire is to understand what exactly a “comfort zone” actually is so that we might better understand how efforts to expand it occur.

Essentially, the articles I’ve seen are speaking of mental issues. In this case, we’re not just speaking of expanding your mind to incorporate more in your vision, what’s also being discussed is the feeling component, actually feeling more comfortable with something different in your experience. The objective, of course, seems to be helping those seeking this information to find greater happiness and fulfillment in their lives regardless of what it might take to achieve that goal. One of the challenges I see, however, is that many only present part of the information necessary to support those seeking this information to actually attain their goal.

For instance, let’s take happiness as an example. There are many who spend a great deal of time and effort seeking after a sense of increased happiness. Yet then never seem to realize one of the most fundamental things to know about happiness… that happiness is dependent upon your perception of the circumstances of your life as positive. Let me say that again, your experience of happiness depends upon your perception of the circumstances of your life as positive.

Does this seem somewhat contradictory to what you’ve know to this point, or to what you believe you’re working toward? If it does, don’t worry. You’re not alone. If you’re like most, however, you may be asking what the implications of this information are. The significance of this information will be discussed in just a few minutes, but for the present time, there is expanding your comfort zone.

Enlightenment traditions tell us of an indwelling Self, a soul or indwelling being that is the divine animating spark of all life upon which rests the ego-based self. The ego-bases self is that part of ourselves that we typically think of when we consider who we know ourselves to be, the history, the potential future, the husband, son, daughter, father, mother, wife, the part of us that knows and occupies these roles. It is the self that gets created through our history of experience and or expectation for our future.

The indwelling and limitless Self (designated with a capitol “S”) is truly limitless. In contrast, the ego-based self (designated with the lower-case “s”) is limited in scope and perspective. The limitless Self, the level of our being, cannot be understood by the ego, the small-s self. No matter how we might stretch, push, or pull, we’ll never be able to expand our ego to a size large enough to understand Being, the true Self. In this fashion, all beliefs are limiting. Because beliefs are structures of the mind, the province of the ego, they can do nothing but to limit that which is formless and without limit, the true Self or Being part of our own human condition.

Thus, if wealth is what you seek and you are told to simply replace limiting, and “negative” beliefs with less limiting “positive” beliefs, recognize that all beliefs are limiting and the “negative” or “positive” qualities of a belief (or anything else, for that matter) depend upon the context in which they occur for the meaning to the individual. The “negative” and “positive” are two sides of the same mental coin that are both equally limiting.

So what might be the solution? Recognizing that the ego-based self is not the true you, it is not your true Self. At the level of your Being, the unconscious part of you there are no limits; there is no time. Visualize what you desire with great clarity and emotional intensity, and then allow it come into your experience. Detach yourself from the anticipation and expectation of your desire. You will recognize quickly that your mind, your ego, will want to know “how.” It will want to know how your desire will come into your experience. Notice this urge, but do not dwell upon it. Be alert and ready to take action you are inspired to take in support of your desire. With practice you will sharpen your skills.

As for the issue of happiness it is possible to say that happiness is dependent upon our perception of the circumstances of our lives as positive. At least, this is what author and spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle says. What might be the significance of this…? To realize that we can influence our ability to feel happy simply by changing where we have our attention focused. This will require some discipline which will be discussed in another article.

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