Earlier today spiritual guru, James Arthur Ray was arrested and charged with 3 counts of man slaughter associated with tragic incidents that occurred in Arizona last fall.  This tragedy underscores the importance of recognizing the psychological challenges that can be faced when seeking consciousness transformation. 

I don’t mean to suggest that the individuals whose lives were tragically lost or those who were sick or injured suffered from psychological problems, rather I mean to direct my attention to the leaders of these events, and their need to be more aware of the challenges their attendees may experience. 

It seems quite clear to me that a transformation is occurring in the collective human consciousness.  The increasing popularity of the message James Arthur Ray and others are providing is itself evidence of this unfolding transformation.  Each individual’s readiness to participate in the exercises intended to bring about this transformation needs to be assessed carefully.  Assessing each individual’s readiness to participate occurs to me to be respectful of the individual as well as the process they are expected to go through; to say nothing of the importance of calling attention to the leader’s readiness to provide a safe space both physically as well as psychologically for their participants.