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Those familiar with the Law of Attraction for some time will have heard the statement:

“Abundance is the natural state of affairs in the universe”

Why do you suppose that so many people don’t seem to have connected with that message?  It seems like a perfectly simple message to me.  As you sit there reading this right now, are you able to see that this is in fact the case?  Do you sense an ability to connect with the abundance that’s all around you just as you’re there considering these words?  Consider something important, a point I made in a post of mine once before titled: Abundance Does Not Equal Positive Experience Only.  Abundance is not just defined by experiencing only the things you prefer.  A truly abundant world includes things you don’t prefer as well.  But quite naturally, you want to experience more of what you prefer.  And in a world that is abundant, in fact, in a universe that is abundant, it’s reasonable to ask why there aren’t more people experiencing the kind of fulfillment they desire.

Many would say the conditions that surround them presently are the determinants of their perception of abundance.  This is quite understandable, but also reflects a perception of one’s circumstances that isn’t consistent with being a deliberate creator of your life.  This perspective, operating from the view that the circumstances around you determine your experience of happiness and fulfillment, is more in alignment with a victim mentality.  It removes you from the loop of responsibility by leading you to believe that the circumstances that surround you are more powerful than you at determining your connection to your Source. 

“Be in the world, but not of the world” is the counsel offered by the sages of old.  The significance of this can be found in recognizing that we are all bodies that are in the world in some way.  Being “of” the world means that we find ourselves at the mercy of the circumstances that surround us.  What we feel, the thoughts we have, are perceived as caused by others.  The statement, “you made me mad” for instance, is a good example of this stance.  The statement, “I didn’t have a choice” is another example.  Each of these statements is a description of what it means to live your life in a reactive fashion.  There’s no reason to live this way.  We don’t have to live at the mercy of the circumstances that surround us.  Yet these statements also reflect well-established habits of seeing the world.  People don’t go around intentionally choosing to feel worse.  The things we do that make us feel worse are typically the product of habits of thought and behavior of which we’re largely unaware. 

Choosing to be a deliberate creator of your life means closely examining these circumstances, however.  And that can sometimes feel a bit confronting.  The idea of being “in” the world can be a perspective that can help.  This subtle shift in words points one’s attention inward, toward your source.  The idea of being in the world and not of it then means we’re able to stand with certainty against the uncertain circumstances that surround us.  Our well-being and sense of security and strength are grounded within and we can therefore choose what we will accept as an influence.  We give ourselves behavioral options in this way as well.  Free from needing to react to external forces, we can maintain the kind of mental clarity that supports the creation of our vision, the abundant life we desire. 

By standing in your understanding that the abundance you desire is present within you now and always, you need not depend upon the ebb and flow of external circumstances to determine your state of wealth.  You can help yourself along your path to an abundant life by taking the time to practice a simple 2 part exercise.  My first “how to” for this site, here we go. 

When I teach these skills in person, I always start with this kind of skill, an awareness skill.  The reason for this is, while the Law of Attraction will operate in your life regardless of whether you’re aware of its existence or not, the deliberate part of being a deliberate creator lies in controlling your attention.  What follows is essentially a simple process for learning to take control of your attention in the context of what can frequently be emotionally painful moments that can drain you of energy.  It’s all fine that when you’re feeling good, you can more easily find positive feeling thoughts and focus on them.  The challenge for many lies in what to do when they’re in the grip of feeling lousy, feeling out of sorts, or even upset.  This is the time when having some kind of skill available can make it possible to break the stream of these negative thoughts and feelings. 

One easy example starts with what I’ve already suggested.  That we can easily find ourselves caught in the mindset that we need to defend ourselves against our thoughts or the circumstances we believe are associated with them.  The process of getting out of these sometimes difficult and sticky mindsets seems somewhat counterintuitive…, you go into it, and you approach it.  Here is the exercise:

To begin the process of taking yourself out of this mindset, there are two exercises I can recommend.  First, think of something you find yourself particularly frustrated by.  It doesn’t matter what it is, but ideally it would be something you experience with some frequency.  Here are some examples of statements associated with what I’m thinking of:

“I’m always the last person to get picked”

“Nobody ever does things they way they should”

“I’m never able to get my way”

“I’m never going to be able to realize my dreams”

“With the world being the way it is, I’m never going to get what I really want.”

“Something happened in my past that shouldn’t have happened and I resent it.  As a result I’ll never be able to get what I want.”

“You made me mad.”

“What else could I do.”

Work with these statements to fit with your own experience.  Once you’ve settled on something, a thought or mindset, start to notice how you feel while you’re thinking it.  Chances are good that you’ll experience either a mostly negative reaction or a slightly inflated sense of ego gratification associated with feeling justified that “This (whatever it is) should/shouldn’t have happened” 

The response you’re having, that is, the emotional experience, is your body’s response to the thoughts you’re thinking. When you think thoughts like this, you’ll often elicit negative emotion. 

Try to notice how often you operate from these thoughts. 

You might start with something simple like try to notice how often in an hour you operate from a thought that’s similar to one of these.  Then take some time to really consider what this reaction is about.  Is this reaction helping you achieve your goals?  Is it draining energy you could use for other things?  If someone has said something to you that you feel offended by, are you actually diminished by their remarks?  Or is it your ego that is caught by these remarks leaving you feeling like you must defend your position?  (to get a clearer picture of the difference between your ego and your unconscious and still center, see my post on the Two Kinds of Consciousness)

As you sit there thinking about these issues, try to notice how these thoughts are associated with the emotions.  As I said above, you emotions are only your body’s reaction to the thoughts you’re thinking. This is a way of stating this experience I’ve borrowed from author and spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle. 

Now for the second part of the exercise. 

Now that you’ve allowed yourself to experience these feelings, start reaching for their opposite.  This will be the good feeling thoughts that are often the opposite of all these negative feelings.  Feel the peace of letting this happen.  If you notice any resistance don’t try to push it away, just be with it for a moment, then start reaching for the next better feeling thought. 

If you practice this you’ll eventually develop a degree of mastery with this skill.  You’ll be able to use it even when things are going “not so good.”  Though this process you’re intentionally tapping into your abundant Source.  As your skill grows with moving through resistance toward abundance, you’ll eventually begin feeling a pervading sense of peace.  The abundance you desire in your outer life is dependent upon your connection to the abundance you can tap in your inner life. 

When you can really operate from an awareness, a rock solid knowing that Abundance is the natural state of affairs in the universe, you’ll truly be able to realize the rich and abundant life you desire.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph W.

I was recently asked a question about applying Law of Attraction in one’s daily life.  Knowing what specific challenges people are facing is, of course, helpful when you’re trying to provide equally specific responses.  But I found the request interesting enough to offer a sort of over-arching view of what I’m doing at this site and the products I’m in the process of creating.

My intention now, as always, is to provide high-quality information that can make a difference in the lives of people who are attracted to what I’m presenting.  I’ve not yet produced any “how to” kinds of posts for this blog because I’m following my own educational philosophy of attempting to appeal to the intellect, or the mind first.  This approach is influenced by what I’ve observed in this and other societies.  Consider the following example:

In the 1920s the sale of alcohol was prohibited in the United States as a result of the temperance movement that started in the middle 19th century.  Those supporting the temperance movement believed excessive use of alcohol caused damage to the physical and psychological health of citizens across the country.  They vowed to eliminate this menacing influence from the nation’s landscape by legislating social change in the form of prohibition. During its existence, this law actually failed to accomplish its goal.  Speakeasy clubs flourished, and people continued to drink, albeit, “underground” as opposed to openly. The tide of alcohol consumption was not stopped.  The repeal of this law occurred on December 5, 1933, not only failing to change the hearts and minds of those it was intended to influence, but also fueling a rise in organized crime during the same era. 

What I see as significant to this story is, that a group of people tried to foster change in the hearts and minds of people by instituting a change at the social level.  That this approach ultimately failed is, in my opinion, significant.  What this tells me is that social changes that are not supported in the hearts and minds of individual citizens are not likely to succeed.  Even if they do, it is quite likely to have occurred only with a tremendous amount of effort.  And even then, there is evidence to suggest that these changes cannot be sustained.  What is more often the case in these circumstances is the products of these initiatives are more disruptive than beneficial. 

So you may be asking what this has to do with applying the Law of Attraction in your daily life.  And this is the heart of my argument for why I’ve taken the approach I have.  It occurs to me that before I offer any suggestions regarding “how to” as in 3-steps to this or 5-steps to that, if you undertake to do these tasks without understanding how and why these techniques work, you could be placing the achievement of your desired outcomes in jeopardy.  It simply isn’t enough, in my estimation, to offer another book on techniques for applying Law of Attraction to your life accompanied by a host of platitudes regarding positive thinking and the like without offering some in-depth ideas about how and why these techniques are supposed to work. 

Think of it like this…, if achieving the success you desire were as easy as simply applying some “how to” techniques, whether they have anything to do with Law of Attraction or not, many more people would be achieving at higher levels than we currently see.  The Law of Attraction has been around for a long time, it’s enjoyed a renaissance in popularity largely due to the successful promotional efforts of a number of authors.  And, of course, let’s not forget the Oprah effect. The challenges that appear to stand in so many people’s way, particularly as they relate to deliberately applying Universal Principles in their lives like Law of Attraction, seem to be associated with understanding how the Law of Attraction is supposed to operate in their experience. 

As I’ve said in other posts, these are spiritual principles.  Deliberate application in your life for any purpose will begin to move you in the direction of a spiritual awakening.  To get the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time using Universal Principles means going through some adjustment in the way you see yourself in relationship to your world, others, and to the outcomes you desire.   These shifts, however, sometimes require confronting aspects of your own character you may not wish to see, or deal with.  This motivation is quite natural and, of course, understandable but also inevitable if you’re intent upon deliberately applying these principles in your life. 

For my part, I want people to be successful.  I’ve been reading and writing about Law of Attraction for more than 20 years, and have a long and abiding interest in human potential and what’s possible for the human species which extends back in my personal history more than 30 years.  That more than 90% of the world’s population has faith in some sort of divine being, or ultimate power suggests to me that there is something psychologically compelling and significantly beneficial to embracing a spiritual aspect to one’s existence. 

With all of that said, I see knowing these principles as an important first step to successfully living the day-to-day of your life in harmony with Universal Principles like Law of Attraction.  In answer to the interest in a guide to Daily Living, then, it is coming.  I’m working as quickly as I can to get out the content I create.  My first eBook on this topic is currently 70+ pages and is near completion. I’ll let everyone know when it’s finished.  Information on daily and practical application of Law of Attraction to your life will certainly be part of the picture.  But this is also something I encourage anyone interested in asking questions about to send questions to me.  Responding to specific questions is always easier than trying to anticipate the needs of people I’ve never met face-to-face. 

As I mentioned above, I am the only person creating content for this site presently, and I’m working as quickly as I can. In that regard I’d like to mention how appreciative I am of everyone’s patients.  I continue to write while also seeing clients and trying to keep pace with putting out a new post approximately once per week. 

I have some “how to” ideas on lists that I’m continuing to develop.  As always, my commitment is to making sure the information I present is the best quality I can produce. 

 Best wishes,

 Dr. Ralph W.

The Thieves of Abundance

Living in a big city, or, more accurately, near a big city, one is inevitably informed of crime that occurs.  I live just outside Chicago, the third largest city by population in the United States.  Crime statistics about burglaries, robberies, and the like are available to me any time I want to watch the evening news.  But the would-be robbers and pick-pockets that inhabit the streets are not the thieves for which I have the greatest concern. 

The greatest thieves of our abundance we experience are the messages, the ideas that suggest there is lack.  But this is just part of the picture.  A reasonable question might be, “what do we do with our knowledge of the world when considering abundance?”  Attention quite naturally turns toward oil as a leading example of this issue.  It’s not only the fuel for our vehicles; it’s the fuel of the economic engine across the globe.  It’s hard to ignore the reports that tell us supplies are on the decline.  Scientists and political leaders debate the veracity of one report versus another, seemingly to produce more and more fear about the potential end.  Fear, too, seems to be part of the global economic engine. 

I see the reports, too, and find myself experiencing reactions to the messages.  But I also seek to continue living the life I choose. This includes continuing to be a consumer of news and information programming I enjoy.  As an avid consumer of news programming, I see the messages that are broadcast out to millions.  Unlike some others who proclaim that it’s patently undesirable to watch news programming if your desire is to live a spiritually awakened life, I embrace news and information programming.  I see it as one of the ways I’m able to see the unfolding of a new consciousness within our social fabric. 

I recognize that what I react to, particularly the things I don’t like I am in some way participating in, but I also understand the value of contrast.  I recognize that I am not the content of my thoughts and emotions, and my reaction to a news story doesn’t need to become a force that shapes my destiny.  Yet this could easily become the case, I could find myself easily becoming trapped in a state of reaction if I were not able to accept what is so about the world.  I can accept what is so about the world without needing to like it.  This is a distinction I make frequently with my clients: Acceptance does not equal Approval.  

The distinction between acceptance and approval is a discipline primarily for the conscious thinking mind.  It helps me to recognize that there are many things in the world of which I’m not going to approve.  It doesn’t help me, or anyone else, to live in a state of reactivity to the conditions such as they are.  In the same way, however, just because I’m capable of accepting things as they are doesn’t mean I sit back and do nothing to change myself or the world in which I live.  Nor does it mean I need to consider myself a door-mat for the actions of others who may view my approach as evidence of weakness. 

It is, in fact, a stance that produces a great deal of peace.  Not identifying with the content of my thoughts and emotions, I am not compelled to defend them should someone express disagreement.  The operative word here being, “compelled.”  I have the option of defending any position I desire, which is a benefit that comes from not identifying with the content of my mind-made self, the ego. 

It is in this way that I am also able to take a stand for abundance.  Notice I didn’t say something like “against….” The abundance that never diminishes is the reservoir of unending energy that is your Source, you Being, that transcendent stillness deep within.  The circumstances of the outer world will come and go, and identifying with your Source within means you will maintain your connection to the still point within despite the ebb and flow of the world around you. 

The thieves of our abundance lie in identification with the world of forms, believing these to be real.  This is the seat of uncertainty and insecurity that the ego responds to as threats.  When we feel uncertain, when we feel our abundance (in the outer world) is threatened, the ego’s tendency is to contract, retreat, and defend.  In the process we can easily get caught up in the content of the conscious thinking mind, believing it to be real, and in the process we pinch closed the flow of energy from our source.  This is what makes it—whatever the “it” is—feel “bad.” 

The abundance you wish to experience in the outer world is within you first.  It is never in limited supply, and doesn’t depend upon tankers for its delivery.  The outward manifestation of abundance may change with passing time, but the inward will always be there, always be constant, and completely reliable.  The laws of the universe including the Law of Attraction will always operate regardless of the changes in our outer conditions.  There are really no thieves in the world that would ever be able to steal your abundance.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph W.

Developing a New Intuition

If you have read more than a couple of my posts at this site you may have noticed that the nature of what I present here, at least thus far, has a sort of instructional quality to it. Perhaps this is in part due to the fact that I’m a teacher. That inclination combined with a desire to present information I think is important, and what’s more, useful, to understanding how to apply Law of Attraction in your life, I believe motivate my approach.

As I’ve said elsewhere, much to the dismay of my students, my approach to teaching is informed by this simply philosophy: “educate your mind first” all things you experience follow from your thoughts and the results you desire will come faster and with greater power if you understand the benefit of carefully cultivating thoughts first.

There is no doubt great benefit to be gained by providing “how to” steps on realizing your dreams through deliberately applying Law of Attraction in your life. But as I’ve said elsewhere, if you don’t understand what the techniques associated with law of attraction are supposed to produce and why, then it’s possible you’ll create more confusion than clarity should the techniques you apply produce outcomes you didn’t intend or anticipate. Without understanding how the techniques are supposed to work, you can easily energize habits of thought and behavior that are more associated with outcomes you may wish to avoid.

Universal principles like Law of Attraction draw attention toward seeing the Universe as conscious and creative, capable of organizing itself into coherent and often dynamic patterns from the smallest particles to the grand expanses of the visible universe. This perspective is, for the most part, inconsistent with the Western worldview that is steeped in scientific materialism. More than just realizing the outcomes you desire, the deliberate application of Universal Principles initiates process of personal growth and development that have implications for changing your consciousness. It begins to open you to a new way of seeing the world and your relationship to it. In this way, I suggest it is like developing a new intuition.

In his book, The God Particle, Nobel Prize winning physicist Leon Lederman comments on the challenge facing physics students who want to begin a journey into the world of quantum physics.  There is a need for these students to develop a new intuition. After having spent years studying classical physics, the would-be student of quantum physics must commit the next 2 or more years to the development of what Lederman calls a new intuition, an intuition that is capable of managing the subtle and sometimes strange worlds encountered by the physicists working in quantum physics.

Such is also the departure of those interested in really understanding Law of Attraction. It represents a different worldview, one that is foreign to those whose views have been influenced by Newtonian physics.
Take, for example, the idea that you and the object of your desire are one. If the object of your desire is a new car, for instance, than how could you be one with your new car if it’s not shown up in your driveway?
An understandable question, to be sure, but it’s a question that reflects a commitment to the Western worldview. What you can see with your eyes is ultimately real. And the mind that makes such perceptions, this is the ultimate arbiter of what is “real.” Yet our affirmations and visualization practices seek to defeat this perception, this sense of separateness.

Since you cannot ingest the vehicle and become one with it in the same way you would with food, breaking it down through the biological processes of your body’s chemistry, the oneness must exists at another level, the level of your emotions. It is the essence of how you feel that is where the oneness between yourself and the object of your desire exists. Coming to a conscious realization of this process and then applying it sporadically to achieve a goal is likely to help you realize some results, but they’re not likely to be as consistent or as powerful as they could be.

Developing a new intuition that supports the consistent manifestation of your desires implies seeing the world from a different perspective on a fairly consistent basis. You’ll come to notice an overriding rhythm and ease to your daily life as well as a sense of peace you may have only sensed in fleeting moments. It is with this in mind that I continue to emphasize the importance of educating your mind first that can lead to a new intuition that can lead to the realization of the wonderfully abundant life that is your birthright.

Best wishes to your continued success,

Dr. Ralph W.
Before you go…
In upcoming weeks you will be seeing a series of posts that reflect some of my personal experiences with Law of Attraction. Some before I was acquainted with the term Law of Attraction, and some after. This will follow with one of the first “how to” posts I’ve created. As always, I encourage your comments and questions.
Best wishes,
Dr. Ralph W.