I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who teaches classes in Tai Chi.  We were talking about the surprise some of his students experience when they come to the class and actually experience the energy in their bodies moving.  There is an inevitable expression of excitement and delight when they sense it.  My friend commented on one person in particular who, coming every week, and having the same experience each week of feeling the energy in her body, seems to become giddy with excitement. 

We both commented that we think this is exciting and delightful that she’s having this experience each time, but this was quickly followed by the realization that it would be nice if this kind of experience were more the norm rather than the exception, as it appears to be. While it’s rewarding to see someone having this kind of breakthrough, this person’s experience highlights the extent to which so many seem to feel disconnected from the source energy that vitalizes their life.

Critics of the self-help movement in general and Law of Attraction issues in specific, have commented that the kind of self-help message that has built up around Law of Attraction seems to be focused upon the acquisition of material wealth and objects in favor of providing real substance.  While I wouldn’t agree with the entire message the critics are presenting, I remain concerned over the focus on the acquisition of material wealth that seems to characterize so much of the Law of Attraction message.  It was this that struck me when I started to write my own book on the subject.  I recognized that many are engaging these principles without the recognition that utilizing spiritual principles to acquire wealth may have some unintended consequences.

Most people who want a new car aren’t anticipating spiritual emancipation or enlightenment to become part of their conversation for a new Toyota.  Yet it’s inevitable that continued engagement with these principles will lead to a spiritual awakening that many didn’t intend and aren’t expecting.  It’s for this reason that I continue writing my blog and will shortly add my book to the mix.  It’s not that I think the information going out about Law of Attraction is bad, I just think it’s not as exhaustive as it could be. 

While it’s clear to me that the Law of Attraction works in response to the actions of the individual, I question the wisdom of focusing upon the acquisition of material objects as the only measure of success.  When asked you’ll find that those who have achieved great wealth will report more frequently that they are more interested in their connections with others than in their ability to consume more and more.

This is not to dismiss the value of material comfort to those who are still seeking to have it.  Rather, it’s about considering the balance, regardless of where you happen to be along your journey.  At what point is it appropriate to consider striking a balance between continued growth and contentment in being?

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph W.