Prior to this post, the last entry was in October last year.  I took time away from writing for two primary reasons.  First, I began studying for my board examinations in psychology.  I found trying to transition from one world to another a bit difficult and I quickly realized that trying to maintain both was resulting

Secondly, I had begun running into some new information that was changing how I was viewing the Law of Attraction and related universal principles.  In my early contact with some of this new information I recognized that my own thinking, my own ideas about this topic was about to change.  Thus, I wanted to take the time to absorb the new information I was exposed to and begin to assimilate it into how I view Law of Attraction and what I’m thinking.  This has also led me to rethinking what I’m doing with this blog.


What you’ll see in the weeks and months to come will be a reflection of the changes I’ve been going through personally, and how those changes have impacted how I’m thinking about this information.  It is still my objective to make the information I share here be useful to others, and in that regard I remain open as always to receiving constructive and positive comments.


Best wishes,


Dr. Ralph