As a psychologist it’s sometimes hard for me not to look at what’s happening in society and think of how it impacts the lives of individuals and groups. I’m aware of how large-scale social trends can be reflected in our popular culture, particularly in the various forms of media–television shows, movies, news stories, and on the internet in a variety of ways.

In my interest to help others become more effective at getting what they desire in their lives, I’ve felt it important to begin a new category of posts on my blog devoted to commenting on the influence I see in these various media. My view is, if you want to be successful at applying the law of attraction and at having the kinds of experiences you associate with living a fulfilling life experience, it can be quite beneficial to see how the various media I’ve mentioned shape and influence how you view yourself and your world.

As you may have noticed from some of the other posts presented here, I take a somewhat different view of the topic of applying the law of attraction. I look at the recommendations made by other writers on the topic of law of attraction and see that the efforts to teach techniques like visualization, taking a stance in gratitude and appreciation, affirmations, and the like all reflect a single intent… to move you in the direction of Feeling a sense of connection between yourself and what you desire.

If that’s the case, I ask myself, if what so many authors are trying to do is to get you to feel a sense of connection between yourself and what you desire, then isn’t it a sense of separation or a perception of separation that is regarded as the barrier to the success you desire. And if that’s the case, if what you’re truly after in order to get the law of attraction to “work” for you, as so many authors describe it, is to break down the sense of separation that seems to defeat your efforts, then why not simply address the mindset that underlies the sense of separation. This would seem to make the process of affirmations, visualizations, and other tools all the more effective, at least as I understand it.

This brings me back to the reason for this post in the first place. That is, the influence of the media on your worldview and on your ability to realize the kind of outcomes you desire when applying the law of attraction.

If the media is continually sending you a message telling you there is a host of things out in the world to fear; that uncertainty represents a threat, or that some catastrophe is just around the corner, there is going to be a tendency to believe that message simply because of how often it’s presented. What’s more, from the stand point of law of attraction we already know that if you’re giving your attention to this kind of event, you’re all the more likely to experience it. You’ll “attract” it into your life, as is so often suggested.

What’s the antidote, you might ask? Since it’s not likely you’ll be able to stop the various media from throwing this “negative” information into the world for consumption, how can you change the game and get more of what you desire regardless of the message from the various media?

By enhancing your level of awareness. When you understand that your view of yourself and your world can be influence by the messages you consume, you can recognize that you can have a choice. You in essence empower your participation in what you’re doing through your awareness of how such a message could potentially impact you.

Knowing about law of attraction does not exempt you from the influence of negativity in your life regardless of where you find it. But you can become aware of how the images you’re exposed to come to influence how you see yourself and your world. It is with this influence in mind that I inaugurate this new category on my blog.

As usual,

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph

– Dr. Ralph Whetstine