Nearly anyone who knows anything about law of attraction knows about abundance. You’ll undoubtedly have encountered many authors who comment about teaching you how to live an abundant life. Or you may have encountered those who will give you the “how to…” when it comes to abundance.

Now I’m not trying to suggest that I have any problem with abundance. That would seem silly given what this blog is about. But I do in fact have some problems with the way most people think about having abundance in their lives.

It seems to me that too many people think that having abundance in their lives means having just those things they prefer, the things that they enjoy or that make them happy. It occurs to me that before I go on to talk about being happy it could be helpful for me to say something yet again about abundance.

The idea of living in an abundant world does not mean only experiencing those things you find pleasant, enjoyable, supportive, and beneficial. To live in a truly abundant world means to live in a world with some things you don’t enjoy, don’t like, don’t find supportive or enjoyable. That’s not to say you would never find something you don’t find enjoyable and beneficial in your experience of abundance. But to limit your interpretation of abundance to include only those things you regard as positive is to miss out on the benefit that can be gained from learning how to benefit from that which you regard as “negative.”

As part of the overall abundance picture, that which we regard as “negative” are those things and circumstances that can ultimately help us shape our understanding of what we want. The experience of the so-called “negative” and the exclusion of these experiences from any vision of abundance is to miss the opportunity to sharpen you vision for a fulfilled and well-lived life.

Remember, your vision of what you regard as “negative” may not be shared with others. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. When you can learn to see the value in the seemingly “negative” you’ll know you are truly participating in the abundance of the world.

– Dr. Ralph Whetstine