Empowering Your Life Choices

Do you feel as though you’re standing at a crossroads?  If you do, you’re not alone.  Many feel out of out of alignment with the tide of social, political and economic changes that appear to be gaining speed and power.  At times it just seems like it’s too much to keep pace with. 

Are feeling the urge to make a change in your life?  Perhaps you’re struggling and worried about changes occurring in your professional life.  You may be experiencing emotional distress in the form of depression or anxiety that is leaving you feeling confused, frustrated and overwhelmed.  Or you could be dealing with a difficult relationship with your child and not know where to turn.  Sometimes the fast-pace of modern life can feel overwhelming and you just need someone to help you sort it all out.

Life can change quickly and sometimes the strategies for getting ahead or simply maintaining what we’ve come to know don’t seem to work the way we expect.  The effect can sometimes be disorienting and frustrating.  If you feel you’re challenged by the confusing complexity of the changing landscape of your life, and you feel you need someone to talk to, I welcome the opportunity to work with you. 

I’ve worked in a variety of settings including a family counseling center, partial hospitalization programs for adolescents and adults, inpatient and outpatient psychiatric settings as well as my own private practice.  I’ve developed a wide range of skills that I use to help my clients to meeting their goals.  Allow me the opportunity to make a difference for you. 

Taking the first step is sometimes a challenge.  I promise you a safe and confidential environment in which to discuss your issues.    Call me, I look forward to the opportunity of finding a way I can help (708-825-6108), or email: info@drralphw.com