Since this site is about Law of Attraction and deliberate creating in daily life, I wanted to take an opportunity to highlight one of the ways I see Law of Attraction unfolding in some current events.  Before I get to that, however, I feel compelled to acknowledge the anniversary that prompted this post. 

I would like to extend my feelings of sympathy and condolence to everyone whose lives have been affected in any way, without exception.  I make this statement in this way because I don’t just want to acknowledge those whose lives were lost on this day, and the members of their families.  I want to acknowledge that the lives of those who were impacted by this event that day and beyond.  There are hundreds and thousands of people whose lives have been affected directly and indirectly since that day.  I simply wish to express my consideration for all those whose lives have in some way been touched by these events.

With that said, I wish to turn attention toward a somewhat less palatable topic.  But one that I believe illustrates the experience of Law of Attraction in daily life.

With the anniversary of the 9/11 events upon us, what seems to be in the news is in fact the news media itself.  Leading up to this date the news media has spent a good deal of time covering events of protest and intolerance.  The proposed Quran burning that has now, thankfully, been cancelled, and other protests around the country of a similar nature. 

With respect to the Quran burning events that had been proposed in Florida, motivated by whatever motivates the actions of local and national news media, a giant spotlight was shined upon this very small congregation and this one hateful act.  It’s possible to see the anger, hatred, and intolerance reflected in this proposed act.  As the media has shined an ever brighter light upon these events, it has also been possible to see the same feelings of anger and intolerance growing and expanding around the globe.  Prominent members of the political establishment in this country spoke out.  So many, in fact, that this unfortunate event, the Quran burning, is now cancelled. 

This, I believe, is a good example of law of attraction in action. 

Are you confused?

One thing that strikes me is the extent to which so many believe that Law of Attraction is only operative in attraction the things one wants in their life.  But for it to function as a law, we need to understand that the attraction process is equally capable of attracting some of the things we may not want as well.

In this case, the high-intensity light that was placed on the hateful motivations of a small congregation blossomed into a phenomenon the influence of which reached around the globe.  What you focus upon expands.    It grows and becomes bigger.  This is the Law of Attraction operating. 

Equally, however, responding to the contrast, the bad feelings that were elicited at the thought of this hateful act, many were motivated to intervene, and the event is ended. 

This is a very good example of this process operating on a large scale. 

It is easy to find justification for anger at extremists regardless of their religious, or political affiliations.  The challenge it seems to me for a society that wants to call itself enlightened is to determine how far down the path toward crisis do we go before we chose to take a stand for living differently.  How long might we indulge the whims of our ego in allowing ourselves to be swept up with wave upon wave of reactivity before we chose to stop participating in our world through a defensive and reactive style? 

As a deliberate creator it makes little sense to willingly create more hurt and pain, for yourself or anyone else.  If you feel angry, frustrated, fearful, or uncertain, that’s understandable.  We can’t divorce ourselves from the qualities that serve to define us as human.  We can, however, look at how they function in our lives and recognize that we possess the power to make the changes we desire.  These experiences are also data coming to us from our world telling us what we are focused upon is not in harmony with our inner, more expansive, unlimited, and true Self. 

Being a deliberate creator means taking responsibility for everything that is legitimately yours to be responsible for.  In so doing you find access to your own power, the creative power that has always been a part of your makeup and is who you truly are.  Rather than joining the reactivity and anger fostered by this one man and his small congregation, it was possible to feel the pinch of disconnect with our source awareness of these proposed events were invoking and then chose not to be obsessively focused upon what we don’t like in disbelief over it ever having occurred.

Rather than giving this tiny congregation any more attention over its hate-mongering ways, a position that even the media is now coming to recognize, allow yourself to focus upon the outcome you desire.  That so many feel so much negative emotion over these events it is perhaps a signal that it’s time to give ourselves permission to begin focusing on the positive experiences we’d like instead. 

As always, best wishes

Dr. Ralph W.