I’ve been toying with an idea regarding the Law of Attraction.  For those who read my post regarding the “Vibe” and Quantum Physics…, you may begin to see some more of the direction of my thinking regarding this topic.  What I’m proposing is a different way of thinking about the attraction issue.  For many authors on Law of Attraction, the introduction of quantum theory usually occurs in support of the assertion of how your thoughts, and in fact you, function as a broadcast antenna for what you desire.  The ideas, such as it’s been presented…

Upon deciding what you want, you hold an image of yourself having what you want in mind.  This act functions as a beacon sending out signals into the universe which then drawn your desire to you.  You increase the strength of your signal by increasing the intensity of the emotions paired with the image of your desire.  This is the “how it works” theory of Law of Attraction in a nutshell. 

This is another area where I’ve had some concerns, one where I’ve sought to find a different answer.  Granted, what I’m proposing may be nothing other than a semantic difference, but I am still going to offer it nonetheless.  I’m not going to disagree with the basics of the principle of attraction, I’m just trying to change where people are focusing their attention. 

It occurs to me that thinking in terms of attraction focuses one’s attention outward, into the world.  As it seems to be commonly understood, focusing on attraction seems to be encouraging one to be vigilant for the object of their desire showing up on the horizon, in their mailbox, or in their driveway.  As I understand it these are spiritual principles, meaning the focus is meant to be inward first, emphasizing your sense of connectedness to your inner Self or Source. 

It just occurs to me that the concept of resonance can work a little better in service of emphasizing this inward focus first.  The kind of resonance I’m referring to is similar to that represented by a glass being broken by sound waves.  A tone is produced that induces the glass to begin to vibrate.  As the amplitude of the tone increases, the glass begins to vibrate more and more until it finally breaks.  A similar phenomenon can be seen when you strike a string on a guitar.  The vibration of that string sets off sympathetic vibrations on other strings.

The point is, recognizing that your desire is already within you first.  Consider it like this…  You may want a million dollars, but why?  What would become available to you if that cash were to be given to you?  Is it just about having a million dollars?  Pay off your bills, you might say, get out of debt, go on a trip.  All very nice, I’m sure, but think in terms of the internal dimensions of these experiences.  I know I’d certainly experience a sense of peace of mind, and security paying off my bills.  And while these are the outward things I’d seek, I must find their corresponding inner states first. 

Peace of mind, joy, enthusiasm, achieving a sense of balance and enlightenment.  These are the objectives that reflect the truth of your Source.  The object in this case becomes incidental to the state of your being, your sense of connectedness to yourself and others.  It’s the internal states that are reflected in the outward conditions we’re really after.  Yet our perspective, the perspective of the Western worldview, tends to focus on the outward conditions first. 

When you can recognize that these internal states are the essence of what you’re seeking in the outer world, you can also begin to see that what you desire is already within you.  All you need do is to BE NOW what you anticipate the realization of your outer dreams will bring you.  The strange thing is that once you’ve realized that what you’re seeking is already within you, that the wealth and abundance is available the moment you chose to recognize and allow yourself to be present to it, the realization of your dreams in the outer world becomes much easier because you will already be resonating with the vibration of your desire.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. 

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph W.