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Unintended Consequences

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who teaches classes in Tai Chi.  We were talking about the surprise some of his students experience when they come to the class and actually experience the energy in their bodies moving.  There is an inevitable expression of excitement and delight when they sense it.  My friend commented on one person in particular who, coming every week, and having the same experience each week of feeling the energy in her body, seems to become giddy with excitement. 

We both commented that we think this is exciting and delightful that she’s having this experience each time, but this was quickly followed by the realization that it would be nice if this kind of experience were more the norm rather than the exception, as it appears to be. While it’s rewarding to see someone having this kind of breakthrough, this person’s experience highlights the extent to which so many seem to feel disconnected from the source energy that vitalizes their life.

Critics of the self-help movement in general and Law of Attraction issues in specific, have commented that the kind of self-help message that has built up around Law of Attraction seems to be focused upon the acquisition of material wealth and objects in favor of providing real substance.  While I wouldn’t agree with the entire message the critics are presenting, I remain concerned over the focus on the acquisition of material wealth that seems to characterize so much of the Law of Attraction message.  It was this that struck me when I started to write my own book on the subject.  I recognized that many are engaging these principles without the recognition that utilizing spiritual principles to acquire wealth may have some unintended consequences.

Most people who want a new car aren’t anticipating spiritual emancipation or enlightenment to become part of their conversation for a new Toyota.  Yet it’s inevitable that continued engagement with these principles will lead to a spiritual awakening that many didn’t intend and aren’t expecting.  It’s for this reason that I continue writing my blog and will shortly add my book to the mix.  It’s not that I think the information going out about Law of Attraction is bad, I just think it’s not as exhaustive as it could be. 

While it’s clear to me that the Law of Attraction works in response to the actions of the individual, I question the wisdom of focusing upon the acquisition of material objects as the only measure of success.  When asked you’ll find that those who have achieved great wealth will report more frequently that they are more interested in their connections with others than in their ability to consume more and more.

This is not to dismiss the value of material comfort to those who are still seeking to have it.  Rather, it’s about considering the balance, regardless of where you happen to be along your journey.  At what point is it appropriate to consider striking a balance between continued growth and contentment in being?

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph W.

How a Tree Can Teach Us About Law of Attraction

It’s been my experience that there are few whose writing on the topic of Law of Attraction I find adequately detailed.  This is not, however, to suggest that I am questioning the truthfulness of their statements.  I just think there is a benefit to be gained by taking a more in-depth approach to understanding this law. 

As anyone who has read any of my blog will be able to tell you, I am firmly committed to training the mind first.  It strikes me that this approach is quite consistent with the principles of Universal Laws, and Law of Attraction in particular.  You train your mind to ease the creative process, to more easily gain access to the creative power you posses.  If you’re new to this blog, read my posts on Resonance vs. Attraction and then the Vibe & Quantum Physics in Law of Attraction.  These two posts may help to clarify some of what I have to say and give you some background on how I see things with respect to Universal Principles like Law of Attraction. 

Just to let you know, this is the first in a series of related topics that I will present over the coming weeks.  So if you feel a sense of incompleteness at the end of this brief article, do not worry.  There will be more to come.

In my desire to find greater depth and detail, I’ll ask a simple yet seemingly puzzling question: 

“What can we learn about Law of Attraction from examining a forest?”

Near my home there is a forest preserve that I find myself strangely attracted to frequently.  It reminds me of the park near my home when I was a teen.  As a teen I would walk the trails sometimes for hours listening to the sounds trying to feel my sense of connectedness to my surroundings.  I think about that time and those experiences often, and I suppose that’s what attracts me to the nearby forest preserve. 

It is with these images in mind that I draw my inspiration for considering the forest, and in fact, a tree as an example of how the Law of Attraction works.  I like the mental image it presents.  I believe that mental images are ultimately much more valuable than words alone.  There’s a sort of direct appeal to the emotional level of our Being that I find is quite helpful in conveying these ideas.  So in this case, we’ll use the image of a tree and a forest to try to derive some depth of understanding of these principles.

Imagine if you will a mature tree, planted in the ground, grown to its adult size with a full growth of leaves.  The tree draws from the ground and the air what it needs for its survival.  As the leaves in the upper most reaches of the tree need more water, the roots respond by drawing it in.  There is a balance between the upper and lower most portions of the tree.  When need is identified, supply, “Source,” is tapped. 

In the spring when the bows of the tree have lied dormant for many weeks, the tree draws more of what it needs to bring forth the leaves that will cover it throughout the summer.  While we can say it is the water, the sap, and other elements of the tree’s biology that are thoroughly known that give us evidence of the cycle of life, we would miss the simple understanding of the attraction process in operation in the life of the tree.  The tree is a living thing, a constantly growing and developing thing, as is all life on the planet. 

If we are to know the Law of Attraction as a Law, then we must be able to see it in operation throughout the world in which we live.  The oak tree draws to it those things that make it an oak, as does the ash, the willow.  Each individual drawing to it what makes it unique.  Of course we may call this genetics, but this would be similar to saying our conscious thinking mind is the source of the energy that funds our existence rather than the provider of the code, the giver of direction that decides in what direction that energy is to flow.

We are like the tree in that we can live in balance, drawing to us just what we need.  And in a manner similar to the tree, this is what many people do.  They remain unconscious of their ability to take a more deliberate stance, a more declarative role in determining the kinds of experiences they have.  As a leaf years for additional water, additional sustenance, we call for more by identifying what we want.  But in a manner different from the tree, we often cut ourselves off from receiving what we desire by the thoughts we think.  We end up interfering with the natural flow of well-being that is constantly flowing to us by thinking things like, “can I trust this” or “I don’t deserve this” or “It’s not here yet.”

That natural flow of well-being is constantly coming to you just as it does in the tree.  When you start with this idea in mind, when you recognize that there is nothing that separates you from what you desire, and operate from that as the truth of your existence, the ability to manifest becomes much easier.  You’ll find that it won’t take nearly as much time or effort to realize your desires.

I believe this metaphor is one that can be quite useful.  I have other ideas centered on this idea and will be revisiting them in coming posts. 

Until then,

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph W.

Since this site is about Law of Attraction and deliberate creating in daily life, I wanted to take an opportunity to highlight one of the ways I see Law of Attraction unfolding in some current events.  Before I get to that, however, I feel compelled to acknowledge the anniversary that prompted this post. 

I would like to extend my feelings of sympathy and condolence to everyone whose lives have been affected in any way, without exception.  I make this statement in this way because I don’t just want to acknowledge those whose lives were lost on this day, and the members of their families.  I want to acknowledge that the lives of those who were impacted by this event that day and beyond.  There are hundreds and thousands of people whose lives have been affected directly and indirectly since that day.  I simply wish to express my consideration for all those whose lives have in some way been touched by these events.

With that said, I wish to turn attention toward a somewhat less palatable topic.  But one that I believe illustrates the experience of Law of Attraction in daily life.

With the anniversary of the 9/11 events upon us, what seems to be in the news is in fact the news media itself.  Leading up to this date the news media has spent a good deal of time covering events of protest and intolerance.  The proposed Quran burning that has now, thankfully, been cancelled, and other protests around the country of a similar nature. 

With respect to the Quran burning events that had been proposed in Florida, motivated by whatever motivates the actions of local and national news media, a giant spotlight was shined upon this very small congregation and this one hateful act.  It’s possible to see the anger, hatred, and intolerance reflected in this proposed act.  As the media has shined an ever brighter light upon these events, it has also been possible to see the same feelings of anger and intolerance growing and expanding around the globe.  Prominent members of the political establishment in this country spoke out.  So many, in fact, that this unfortunate event, the Quran burning, is now cancelled. 

This, I believe, is a good example of law of attraction in action. 

Are you confused?

One thing that strikes me is the extent to which so many believe that Law of Attraction is only operative in attraction the things one wants in their life.  But for it to function as a law, we need to understand that the attraction process is equally capable of attracting some of the things we may not want as well.

In this case, the high-intensity light that was placed on the hateful motivations of a small congregation blossomed into a phenomenon the influence of which reached around the globe.  What you focus upon expands.    It grows and becomes bigger.  This is the Law of Attraction operating. 

Equally, however, responding to the contrast, the bad feelings that were elicited at the thought of this hateful act, many were motivated to intervene, and the event is ended. 

This is a very good example of this process operating on a large scale. 

It is easy to find justification for anger at extremists regardless of their religious, or political affiliations.  The challenge it seems to me for a society that wants to call itself enlightened is to determine how far down the path toward crisis do we go before we chose to take a stand for living differently.  How long might we indulge the whims of our ego in allowing ourselves to be swept up with wave upon wave of reactivity before we chose to stop participating in our world through a defensive and reactive style? 

As a deliberate creator it makes little sense to willingly create more hurt and pain, for yourself or anyone else.  If you feel angry, frustrated, fearful, or uncertain, that’s understandable.  We can’t divorce ourselves from the qualities that serve to define us as human.  We can, however, look at how they function in our lives and recognize that we possess the power to make the changes we desire.  These experiences are also data coming to us from our world telling us what we are focused upon is not in harmony with our inner, more expansive, unlimited, and true Self. 

Being a deliberate creator means taking responsibility for everything that is legitimately yours to be responsible for.  In so doing you find access to your own power, the creative power that has always been a part of your makeup and is who you truly are.  Rather than joining the reactivity and anger fostered by this one man and his small congregation, it was possible to feel the pinch of disconnect with our source awareness of these proposed events were invoking and then chose not to be obsessively focused upon what we don’t like in disbelief over it ever having occurred.

Rather than giving this tiny congregation any more attention over its hate-mongering ways, a position that even the media is now coming to recognize, allow yourself to focus upon the outcome you desire.  That so many feel so much negative emotion over these events it is perhaps a signal that it’s time to give ourselves permission to begin focusing on the positive experiences we’d like instead. 

As always, best wishes

Dr. Ralph W.

I was recently asked a question about applying Law of Attraction in one’s daily life.  Knowing what specific challenges people are facing is, of course, helpful when you’re trying to provide equally specific responses.  But I found the request interesting enough to offer a sort of over-arching view of what I’m doing at this site and the products I’m in the process of creating.

My intention now, as always, is to provide high-quality information that can make a difference in the lives of people who are attracted to what I’m presenting.  I’ve not yet produced any “how to” kinds of posts for this blog because I’m following my own educational philosophy of attempting to appeal to the intellect, or the mind first.  This approach is influenced by what I’ve observed in this and other societies.  Consider the following example:

In the 1920s the sale of alcohol was prohibited in the United States as a result of the temperance movement that started in the middle 19th century.  Those supporting the temperance movement believed excessive use of alcohol caused damage to the physical and psychological health of citizens across the country.  They vowed to eliminate this menacing influence from the nation’s landscape by legislating social change in the form of prohibition. During its existence, this law actually failed to accomplish its goal.  Speakeasy clubs flourished, and people continued to drink, albeit, “underground” as opposed to openly. The tide of alcohol consumption was not stopped.  The repeal of this law occurred on December 5, 1933, not only failing to change the hearts and minds of those it was intended to influence, but also fueling a rise in organized crime during the same era. 

What I see as significant to this story is, that a group of people tried to foster change in the hearts and minds of people by instituting a change at the social level.  That this approach ultimately failed is, in my opinion, significant.  What this tells me is that social changes that are not supported in the hearts and minds of individual citizens are not likely to succeed.  Even if they do, it is quite likely to have occurred only with a tremendous amount of effort.  And even then, there is evidence to suggest that these changes cannot be sustained.  What is more often the case in these circumstances is the products of these initiatives are more disruptive than beneficial. 

So you may be asking what this has to do with applying the Law of Attraction in your daily life.  And this is the heart of my argument for why I’ve taken the approach I have.  It occurs to me that before I offer any suggestions regarding “how to” as in 3-steps to this or 5-steps to that, if you undertake to do these tasks without understanding how and why these techniques work, you could be placing the achievement of your desired outcomes in jeopardy.  It simply isn’t enough, in my estimation, to offer another book on techniques for applying Law of Attraction to your life accompanied by a host of platitudes regarding positive thinking and the like without offering some in-depth ideas about how and why these techniques are supposed to work. 

Think of it like this…, if achieving the success you desire were as easy as simply applying some “how to” techniques, whether they have anything to do with Law of Attraction or not, many more people would be achieving at higher levels than we currently see.  The Law of Attraction has been around for a long time, it’s enjoyed a renaissance in popularity largely due to the successful promotional efforts of a number of authors.  And, of course, let’s not forget the Oprah effect. The challenges that appear to stand in so many people’s way, particularly as they relate to deliberately applying Universal Principles in their lives like Law of Attraction, seem to be associated with understanding how the Law of Attraction is supposed to operate in their experience. 

As I’ve said in other posts, these are spiritual principles.  Deliberate application in your life for any purpose will begin to move you in the direction of a spiritual awakening.  To get the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time using Universal Principles means going through some adjustment in the way you see yourself in relationship to your world, others, and to the outcomes you desire.   These shifts, however, sometimes require confronting aspects of your own character you may not wish to see, or deal with.  This motivation is quite natural and, of course, understandable but also inevitable if you’re intent upon deliberately applying these principles in your life. 

For my part, I want people to be successful.  I’ve been reading and writing about Law of Attraction for more than 20 years, and have a long and abiding interest in human potential and what’s possible for the human species which extends back in my personal history more than 30 years.  That more than 90% of the world’s population has faith in some sort of divine being, or ultimate power suggests to me that there is something psychologically compelling and significantly beneficial to embracing a spiritual aspect to one’s existence. 

With all of that said, I see knowing these principles as an important first step to successfully living the day-to-day of your life in harmony with Universal Principles like Law of Attraction.  In answer to the interest in a guide to Daily Living, then, it is coming.  I’m working as quickly as I can to get out the content I create.  My first eBook on this topic is currently 70+ pages and is near completion. I’ll let everyone know when it’s finished.  Information on daily and practical application of Law of Attraction to your life will certainly be part of the picture.  But this is also something I encourage anyone interested in asking questions about to send questions to me.  Responding to specific questions is always easier than trying to anticipate the needs of people I’ve never met face-to-face. 

As I mentioned above, I am the only person creating content for this site presently, and I’m working as quickly as I can. In that regard I’d like to mention how appreciative I am of everyone’s patients.  I continue to write while also seeing clients and trying to keep pace with putting out a new post approximately once per week. 

I have some “how to” ideas on lists that I’m continuing to develop.  As always, my commitment is to making sure the information I present is the best quality I can produce. 

 Best wishes,

 Dr. Ralph W.

Transformaton in the News

Tomorrow evening there will be a program on the ABC television network called “Mind Games.”  I initially saw it advertised on another ABC program over this past weekend.  While the program was advertised as a part of a series ABC news is producing regarding “Happiness, Inc.,” this particular broadcast is to be about James Arthur Ray.  His arrest was something I wrote briefly about this past February.  His trial is about to begin and apparently the producers of this series feel his story is appropriate for their views. 

I’m not particularly interested in commenting on the apparent appropriateness or inappropriateness of their story.  Rather, I’m interested to see how the ideas, the concepts, and the modern-day process of seeking personal growth, insight, and spiritual emancipation are presented.  It’s not often that these ideas, the concepts of consciousness transformation, personal growth, and so on, make their way into the popular media.  While I believe the story will likely focus on Ray himself and the tragedies that brought him to his current circumstances, I remain interested to see how these ideas are treated.  As I also mentioned in a previous post, I continue to look for evidence of a shift in consciousness, and it appears to me this might be a good opportunity to get a glimpse.    

Ray, as you may recall, was one of the contributors to the popular movie, The Secret.  I stand by the sentiments I expressed in my previous post about Ray.  I believe that the tragedy of his circumstances underlies the importance of assessing one’s ability to undergo the sometimes stressful experiences that can accompany transformative work.   (For more see my post on the topic from February, 2010)

Despite my persistent interest in looking for evidence of consciousness transformation in our culture daily, I remain mindful of the tragedy that brought about these circumstances.  I maintain loving thoughts of support and warm regard for the families and friends of those who were hurt or died. 

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph W.

Personally, I see the benefits of knowing the Law of Attraction in my life daily.  After more than 20 years of reading, studying, and writing about it, these principles are a well-integrated part of how I see the world.  In other words, you could say I operate from my understanding of universal principles and they’ve become a habitual way of seeing the world for me.

It’s not just about getting more money, a new job, a big house, or a new car for me.  While these things are great, and I appreciate the benefit items such as these provides as much as anyone else, I’m even more grateful for the peace of mind, the personal tranquility, and the refuge from uncertainty my knowledge of these principles provides.

Through my years of studying universal principles I’ve become increasingly sensitive to the appearance of these concepts in the popular culture, on television, in movies, books, in the paper.  What I’ve noticed is that except on rare occasions, you’re not likely to see any direct mention of Law of Attraction in most of our popular media, particularly on television.  That doesn’t mean that evidence of its presence in the popular culture doesn’t exist.  To me, it means that you have to look for the sometimes not so obvious manifestation of these concepts in the popular culture.  It means that maybe what you find when you look is evidence of the change in consciousness. 

The evidence I see could consist of a little less pessimism and a little more optimism; evidence of looking toward solutions rather than being captivated by problems.  Statements that reflect a sense of the abundance of our world regardless of the circumstances one might be personally facing. 

Finding evidence of a shift in our collective consciousness that signals a movement in the direction of an awareness of the abundance within and without can be a tall order, particularly when the media, and especially news programming seems so doggedly intent upon reporting “what is.”  “Tell it like it is,” “reported as it happened,” are the statements that reflect the modern culture’s credo. 

Of course telling the truth is important, and I’m not advocating for lying or being dishonest as a virtue.  But goals require vision and commitment.  To achieve them requires adopting a vision for the future that is more compelling than the signals coming back from our environment that sometimes tell us that our cause is hopeless, foolish, or impossible.  Sometimes you have to look for something other than “what is” to realize your vision. 

This is also the essence of being a deliberate creator; actively taking steps in your lives that are consistent with what you know about universal principles like Law of Attraction.  This knowledge, knowing universal principles is as much about a disciplined way of living your life as it is about “using” Law of Attraction to realize your material dreams. 

It is for this reason that I see knowing and applying what you know about universal principles as a call to transform your consciousness.  To live each moment with the richness and vitality this knowledge can impart to you now, not just in those moments after you’ve acquired the new car, new house, or new job when you’re standing with your desires fulfilled.  This is the evidence I continue to seek. 

I continue to look each day for evidence of the shift in consciousness I know must accompany knowledge and application of these principles.  Looking for it leads me to seeking and finding the best in others. 

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph W.