If you have read more than a couple of my posts at this site you may have noticed that the nature of what I present here, at least thus far, has a sort of instructional quality to it. Perhaps this is in part due to the fact that I’m a teacher. That inclination combined with a desire to present information I think is important, and what’s more, useful, to understanding how to apply Law of Attraction in your life, I believe motivate my approach.

As I’ve said elsewhere, much to the dismay of my students, my approach to teaching is informed by this simply philosophy: “educate your mind first” all things you experience follow from your thoughts and the results you desire will come faster and with greater power if you understand the benefit of carefully cultivating thoughts first.

There is no doubt great benefit to be gained by providing “how to” steps on realizing your dreams through deliberately applying Law of Attraction in your life. But as I’ve said elsewhere, if you don’t understand what the techniques associated with law of attraction are supposed to produce and why, then it’s possible you’ll create more confusion than clarity should the techniques you apply produce outcomes you didn’t intend or anticipate. Without understanding how the techniques are supposed to work, you can easily energize habits of thought and behavior that are more associated with outcomes you may wish to avoid.

Universal principles like Law of Attraction draw attention toward seeing the Universe as conscious and creative, capable of organizing itself into coherent and often dynamic patterns from the smallest particles to the grand expanses of the visible universe. This perspective is, for the most part, inconsistent with the Western worldview that is steeped in scientific materialism. More than just realizing the outcomes you desire, the deliberate application of Universal Principles initiates process of personal growth and development that have implications for changing your consciousness. It begins to open you to a new way of seeing the world and your relationship to it. In this way, I suggest it is like developing a new intuition.

In his book, The God Particle, Nobel Prize winning physicist Leon Lederman comments on the challenge facing physics students who want to begin a journey into the world of quantum physics.  There is a need for these students to develop a new intuition. After having spent years studying classical physics, the would-be student of quantum physics must commit the next 2 or more years to the development of what Lederman calls a new intuition, an intuition that is capable of managing the subtle and sometimes strange worlds encountered by the physicists working in quantum physics.

Such is also the departure of those interested in really understanding Law of Attraction. It represents a different worldview, one that is foreign to those whose views have been influenced by Newtonian physics.
Take, for example, the idea that you and the object of your desire are one. If the object of your desire is a new car, for instance, than how could you be one with your new car if it’s not shown up in your driveway?
An understandable question, to be sure, but it’s a question that reflects a commitment to the Western worldview. What you can see with your eyes is ultimately real. And the mind that makes such perceptions, this is the ultimate arbiter of what is “real.” Yet our affirmations and visualization practices seek to defeat this perception, this sense of separateness.

Since you cannot ingest the vehicle and become one with it in the same way you would with food, breaking it down through the biological processes of your body’s chemistry, the oneness must exists at another level, the level of your emotions. It is the essence of how you feel that is where the oneness between yourself and the object of your desire exists. Coming to a conscious realization of this process and then applying it sporadically to achieve a goal is likely to help you realize some results, but they’re not likely to be as consistent or as powerful as they could be.

Developing a new intuition that supports the consistent manifestation of your desires implies seeing the world from a different perspective on a fairly consistent basis. You’ll come to notice an overriding rhythm and ease to your daily life as well as a sense of peace you may have only sensed in fleeting moments. It is with this in mind that I continue to emphasize the importance of educating your mind first that can lead to a new intuition that can lead to the realization of the wonderfully abundant life that is your birthright.

Best wishes to your continued success,

Dr. Ralph W.
Before you go…
In upcoming weeks you will be seeing a series of posts that reflect some of my personal experiences with Law of Attraction. Some before I was acquainted with the term Law of Attraction, and some after. This will follow with one of the first “how to” posts I’ve created. As always, I encourage your comments and questions.
Best wishes,
Dr. Ralph W.