How Is This Site Different From Others?

What is the Law of Attraction?

The most common definition I’ve seen says “that which is like unto itself is attracted.”  Simply stated, like attracts like.  But this is often a confusing notion to many.  It flies in the face of common sayings that place an emphasis on difference, “Opposites Attract.”  The Western worldview is conditioned to distinguish between differences; opposites, those things that are not like one another.  Even our sense of self, based on our sense of normal, everyday consciousness, is defined through a process of distinguishing differences: “I am this and not that,….”  “I am me and not this table, not this computer, etc.”  The point being, the Western worldview is conditioned to look more toward differences than similarities in defining our daily experience.

The idea of like attracting like is more often associated with affairs of the heart.  Romance and kindred spirits are sometimes referred to as “birds of a feather.”  So when the Law of Attraction says “that which is like unto itself is attracted” we can find ourselves taking a moment to consider what that really means, and what that might mean to getting more of the successful life experience you desire.

Since this site is dedicated to expanding upon these ideas, I’ll not say more about them here.

Difference From Other Sites:

I’ve spent a good deal of time researching these topics.  I’ve been passionately interested in understanding both Universal Laws like the Law of Attraction, and how humans experience and effectively apply these laws in their daily lives.

Other sites typically focus on what I refer to as the techniques associated with Law of Attraction: things like positive thinking, affirmations and visualization.  All are important tools that support your intent to create the successful life you desire.  But few have taken the time to consider what happens when people take what they know and attempt to apply it to their lives.

It’s a little like reading a book about flying a plane.  While acquiring the knowledge is a necessary part of the process, it can’t replace the knowledge of someone with experience who can help you know when and how to apply what you know effectively, and how to avoid many of the pitfalls that can occur along the way.

I’m a doctor with a degree in psychology who also has more than 30 years experience researching Universal principles and blending it with my psychological training and experience.  The content presented here is not the product of a rewritten ebook someone else authored.  The information I present is based on my own years of personal experience and research. 

What I know from my own experience is that regardless of these being Universal principles (Law of Attraction being only one of several), we are still knowing, understanding, and applying these principles filtered through a human mind.  As a result, human psychology is an inevitable part of your success through deliberately applying these principles.  And this part of psychology, the union of spiritual and psychology, has been my passion for many years now.

I’ve taken the time to consider what happens for people as they attempt to apply what they know about Law of Attraction and other Universal principles in their lives.

My desire is both to help those who are seeking information and to foster discussions with those who are interested in Applying The Law of Attraction.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph Whetstine