Life Coaching

Dr. Whetstine offers in-office, telephone and email coaching for those interested in making life changes, achieving results or who are simply going through a transition in their personal or professional life.  Consistent with Dr. Whetstine’s philosophy training your mind to achieve alignment and balance in your life the following coaching services are available.

These services include:

Spiritually-based coaching:

Dr. Whetstine has developed a unique program of spiritually-based coaching that draws on his passionate interest in spirituality, psychology, and consciousness transformation.  Set upon a foundation of established psychological theories, and integrating contemporary ideas regarding wellness and consciousness transformation, Dr. Whetstine has also incorporated techniques intended to challenge and support his clients in their own personal power and transformative resources hidden within.  This unique combination of theoretical and behavioral instruction can help the client achieve a greater sense of personal empowerment through techniques intended to enhance one’s alignment with their true self and inner purpose.

Parent Coaching:

More than ever parents are challenged in their relationships with their children, particularly their teenage children.  Parents can find themselves confronted by their teen’s attitude of disrespect and sometimes even abuse, leaving parents confused and frustrated not knowing how to turn the relationship around.  In addition, teenagers have become more sophisticated at deflecting parental efforts to hold them accountable for their behavior.  As a result, parents and teens frequently end up in power struggles that could be avoided.  The stress and anxiety that is created through these troubling interactions can be turned around through the application of a few easy to learn techniques.  Dr. Whetstine’s approach to parent coaching can help you learn how to transform you teenager’s behavior and restore a sense of peace to your home.

Self-Esteem & Self-Improvement Coaching

While covering a wide area of different topics, all self-improvement practices start with one’s desire for an improved life.  Those who find lasting success in changing their lives for the better have also typically found a way to discipline their thought and behavior to support their goals.  The key to achieving success in any area of your life starts with the mental and behavioral aspects of your own life.  In many ways achieving success starts with believing feeling worthy of having what you desire and believing you can achieve your goal.  One powerful and transformative way to view your goals is to see your success as already assured, complete in every detail.  Like Michelangelo who, when asked about his beautiful sculptures said, “I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” The discipline of working backward from a clear and specific vision can elicit a powerfully transformative experience that engages the individual at all levels of life.


Psychotherapy and counseling is available for adults, adolescents, couples and families who are facing the following difficulties:

Anxiety and Mood Disorders, Parenting Issues, Borderline Personality Disorders, Physical Abuse, Codependency Issues, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Stress Management, Marriage & Family Counseling, and Anger Management.

Model of Intervention

My approach is a therapeutic conversation; it is responsive to the unique needs and desires of each individual.  It is also a structured approach that reflects my training in behavioral styles of intervention.  This model provides recommendations of specific action.  This approach provides an avenue to one of the most challenging steps toward change, getting started.

The structured model reassures the individual of progress in a variety of areas:

  • finding a path to new behaviors
  • better communication in relationships
  • higher performance in career and education
  • increased anger control
  • decrease of stress, anxiety and depression.

I believe the client is a Participant who actively takes the steps resulting in change and together we work to develop new effective habits for enhanced living.

Adult Individuals

At the heart of motivation to enter therapy is a desire for an enhanced experience of life, to feel more fulfilled and empowered or to return to a previous level of functioning.  I want to assist adult individuals in uncovering their path to enhancing their life experience.


Struggles for Adolescents are less likely to be psychopathology as it is to be the need to acquire problem-solving and emotion management skills.  Rash, momentary impulse, testing authority, to the more weighty concerns of substance abuse, and issues that are symptomatic of depression, anxiety and oppositional defiance can be addressed with skills instruction.  I provide teens with skills to better manage day-to-day problems.


Families experiencing difficulties have frequently fallen into ineffective patterns of communication, behavior and sometimes with poorly defined boundaries between individuals.  I guide families toward new ways to respond to one another and teach parents skills they can use with children and adolescents to begin making a difference right away.


Couples often fail to see how habits of interaction deprive them of their emotional connection.  Couples therapy is a process of learning to recognize and respond to efforts for connect.


Group intervention is provided for both adolescents and for adults.

Adolescent groups focus on helping individuals identify problematic interactions, triggers and potential thinking distortions that contribute to ongoing friction between individuals and others.  Skills training and practice are emphasized.

Depending upon their needs, groups are divided into two sections for adults.  The first is for those with problematic family settings who are looking to gain insight and understanding of how to manage problematic interactions within their own family, or with others in their life.

Dr. Whetstine has a particular interest in working with adults who have grown up with parents with mental illness.  It is Dr. Whetstine’s believe that individuals who grew up with parents who struggled with either a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness are a group of individuals within our society that share a unique experience and who are generally underserved.  Issues associated with dealing with the stigma of mental illness, lack of parental support or attention, and the real grief of loss that characterizes this group are among the important issues that Dr. Whetstine seeks to address in this group.