Achieving success and manifesting abundance in your life can sometimes seem like a difficult task to accomplish.  Please not that I’m saying, “seems” like a difficult task.  As many who have achieves success will tell you, manifesting a million dollars is as easy as manifesting ten thousand.  At first glance the reactions that typically make it difficult for those who don’t have a million dollars to achieve such a goal are readily apparent and usually occur as one question, “How?”  This question stops many would be millionaires from taking the steps necessary to attain the abundance they desire.  Faith and trust become the commodities that are in need, quelling the ego’s inevitable question of “how?” 

Throughout your life the ego functions to answer the question, “Who or What am I?”  This question differentiates who we believe ourselves to be from everything and everyone else.  The activity is consistent with its nature, yet it is also what makes it difficult to quite the mental chatter long enough to hear the sometimes subtle voices of inspiration that would direct us to the kinds of activities that can support our efforts to be successful, to attract the kind of abundance we desire. 

Having made the decision to change the circumstances of your life by increasing your income, or the status of your financial resources, you only need to quiet your mind and listen for the guidance that is waiting for an opportunity to come forth.  If you think about it, moments of creativity and insight usually occur when we’ve relaxed and focused our attention on something other than the challenge we’re seeking to meet.  Practicing relaxation on a regular basis can be beneficial to creating the kind mental space that will allow for your higher self to communicate with your ego, giving it the answers it’s been seeking…, how. 

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