The “Vibe” part of the law of attraction conversation is both central to understanding how it works and the one aspect of this principle most criticized by skeptics and nay-Sayers.  Most authors I’ve read regarding the law of attraction offer a somewhat complicated description of quantum physics as an explanation for understanding the importance of “vibe” in the attraction process.  I think this effort has produced some good results, but often times, unless you understand quantum physics, having the knowledge doesn’t do much to prove helpful.

While I applaud the effort and the results of the quantum physics arguments in law of attraction, I believe their practical application in the lives of everyday people is questionable.  My question is this,

“What benefit is intended by offering a description of the quantum physics of vibration?”

If the idea is to make this and other universal principles more accessible and useful to more people, then perhaps cutting past the quantum physics, at least in the short term, can be more beneficial. 

At its heart the introduction of the quantum physics conversation can be understood as a device used to help your conscious mind grab hold of certain concepts that are useful in deliberately creating your life.  The quantum physics conversation is intended as a way to transform your consciousness helping you think in terms of the universal principles, like law of attraction. 

The transformation in consciousness implied is different from the kind of consciousness we typically associate with our waking hours.  The rational, selective processes distinguishing between who we are and who we are not; sifting through the data of our daily experience looking for that which we prefer versus that we dislike.  This is the consciousness of our identity, our ego, or sense of self, our personality.  This is what we are typically referring to when we’re talking about our mind.      

The education of our mind is what our process of education is all about.  But what we typically don’t realize is the extent to which our educational process is also training non-conscious levels of our experience such as our intuition.  The kind of intuition that informs a mechanic of what might be causing that strange sound coming from your car, or when your doctor offers several labels in response to a description of symptoms. 

Our education provides a context assisting in the formation of concepts out of an otherwise undifferentiated mass of data.  Our success as a species has been dependent upon our ability to effectively educate our minds.  The result has been the development of technologies that transform our interaction with the world and each other.  The changes brought by this process have been increasing in speed and intensity creating pressure to adapt to an ever-changing and sometimes uncertain world. 

The pressure created is forcing a new type of consciousness transformation.  Not a throw-back to an earlier stage in human development, as some have suggested, leaving behind the benefits reflected in our current state of mental development.  What is implied, and what many believe is occurring, is the development of a new and inclusive consciousness that embraces the best of the previous mental models in a new model that is more inclusive, conscientious of our connection with our environment [social, economic, and otherwise], and with one another.  

Thus, I see learning law of attraction and other universal principles as something more than just a technique to get a new job, more money, a better relationship, or whatever else.  I see its presence at this time in our human history as a reflection of our collective need for consciousness transformation, a reflection of our readiness to find a new level of existence to which we are evolving. 

In observing the results of those deliberately using universal principles to improve the quality of their lives I’ve noticed a change occurring in their consciousness.  My conclusion based on these observations is that you cannot deliberately use these principles to bring things into your life without also inviting a transformation in your consciousness; essentially moving yourself in the direction of a spiritual awakening. 

Deliberate use of universal principles draws your attention to your source, and seeking to create and experience more abundance in your life is a direct reflection of your connection to your source, the wellspring of the abundance you wish to experience in your outer life.  The greater the abundance in your outer life means the greater the strength of your connection to your abundant source within. 

 Your conscious mind is a conduit through which your source flows and is given form on its way into the world.  Recognizing that the conscious mind operates by rules that are different than your unconscious is an important first step to transforming your conscious thinking mind making it a better conduit through which energy flows, rather than a place where the energy stops.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph W.