Tomorrow evening there will be a program on the ABC television network called “Mind Games.”  I initially saw it advertised on another ABC program over this past weekend.  While the program was advertised as a part of a series ABC news is producing regarding “Happiness, Inc.,” this particular broadcast is to be about James Arthur Ray.  His arrest was something I wrote briefly about this past February.  His trial is about to begin and apparently the producers of this series feel his story is appropriate for their views. 

I’m not particularly interested in commenting on the apparent appropriateness or inappropriateness of their story.  Rather, I’m interested to see how the ideas, the concepts, and the modern-day process of seeking personal growth, insight, and spiritual emancipation are presented.  It’s not often that these ideas, the concepts of consciousness transformation, personal growth, and so on, make their way into the popular media.  While I believe the story will likely focus on Ray himself and the tragedies that brought him to his current circumstances, I remain interested to see how these ideas are treated.  As I also mentioned in a previous post, I continue to look for evidence of a shift in consciousness, and it appears to me this might be a good opportunity to get a glimpse.    

Ray, as you may recall, was one of the contributors to the popular movie, The Secret.  I stand by the sentiments I expressed in my previous post about Ray.  I believe that the tragedy of his circumstances underlies the importance of assessing one’s ability to undergo the sometimes stressful experiences that can accompany transformative work.   (For more see my post on the topic from February, 2010)

Despite my persistent interest in looking for evidence of consciousness transformation in our culture daily, I remain mindful of the tragedy that brought about these circumstances.  I maintain loving thoughts of support and warm regard for the families and friends of those who were hurt or died. 

Best wishes,

Dr. Ralph W.