How many times have you heard a statement like “unleash the power of your mind” in self-empowerment, personal growth and development literature?  I can’t even count myself.  There was a time when I used to accept these statements believing who ever said them was really on to something.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think this is a valuable sentiment.  I just think our understanding has evolved some and it’s helpful to try to keep up. 

Personally, I don’t think our mind has any creative power of its own.  It’s simply a filter, a pass-through point for the creative power.  Granted it channels that creative power by virtue of the thoughts one thinks, beliefs one holds, and attitudes one finds oneself in, but the creative power we seem to speak of so frequently is not its own.  So where does this “power” come from would be a reasonable question. 

The same animating force that gives life to the body is the source of the creative power the ego wields.  Yet the ego, the mind, seems to get the credit so often for the apparent creative ability of the mind.  This is a little like saying the hose is the same as the water that comes out of it.  Both work together to bring the water (life giving and vitalizing energy) through the conduit that gives direction and form to the unlimited and abundant life force within (the mind, the ego, or identity) resulting in the manifestations we experience.     

Could this change one’s perception of the Law of Attraction?  Possibly, it depends upon what you’re image of the way in which the Law operates has been.  I’ve found many who say they “believe in” the law of attraction also say they have not seen consistent results from its application.  However, one’s belief in the Law of Attraction and reference to it as “working” in their lives seems to reflect something else.  As a law, it is operative all the time.  Like gravity.  One wouldn’t say that the law of gravity operates only when one chooses to use it, or believe it doesn’t work for someone unless they believe in the law of gravity.  To “believe in” the Law of Attraction because one sees it “working” is really a reflection of the difference between the conscious and deliberate use of the law, creating deliberately, and an unconscious application of the principles resulting in a haphazard and inconsistent outcome.  This is a process of creating by default, as Esther and Jerry Hicks say. 

So what might be an alternative?  Operating from an understanding that abundance is the natural state of affairs in the universe.  There is nothing to “believe in” when approaching the Law of Attraction from this perspective.  Just as you “know” the law of gravity is present and works for everyone, so too does the Law of Attraction.  Starting from an awareness and knowledge that abundance IS the natural state of affairs, you need only decide what you wish to bring into your direct experience at this time. 

Keep in mind that the abundant nature of the universe includes the presence of those things you may not want to experience now, or at any time, for that matter.  However, saying “NO” to what you don’t want is simply inviting more of what you DON’T want into your experience.  The universe operates on the basis of inclusion.  That which gets included in your awareness is drawn to you. 

All beliefs are limiting.  It’s in their nature to be so.  Just like the hose is limiting the water, so too our consciousness limits and regulates the flow of energy into the world through our beliefs and where we happen to have our attention focused. 

Try operating from an understanding that the natural state of affairs in the universe is abundance, and then chip away at the conversation in your head that tries to get you not to believe it.  It’s just your ego trying to convince you that its input is necessary, and the only thing you need to consider.  Its input is valuable, but it’s not the only player in the game.